Avoiding bad wedding photographers

So we have all come across good speech, articles and stories on how great it is to have a good photographer at your wedding, have you ever taken time to think of what would happen if the opposite was to happen? This article serves to take a different twist on this issue it looks at, why a bad photographer can ruin your wedding.

Imagine the time spent and effort that is put in the preparation of a wedding event, just to have the aftermath of the event being spoiled. I mean a day such as this is a day to be remembered and passed on from generation to generation, depending on the evidence provided, photos. A wedding defined as a single day is an understatement, it goes beyond just a day. A wedding is a life time event, that happens once in real life and continuous on repeat in tales and unforgettable memories. However, as the day continues in tales and memories, to aid the visualization of the event there is need for good or perfect photos fromĀ Award Winning Wedding Photography.

A bad photographer does not have the eye to catch the beauty of the mind blowing moments. Nothing brings a smile to the face of a mother showing her children the face of their crying grandmother on her wedding day. The beauty of the bride as she is walked down the aisle by her father is treasured by thousands. All this can be looked back upon, and the feeling enjoyed over and over again if a good photographer had been present to capture these moments. It is common of every photographer to capture the bride and the groom as they stand or sit, but it takes a good photographer to identify and capture the motion. It takes an artistic eye to catch the tear rolling down ones eye than overlook such golden moments like most bad photographers do. Bad photographers will not attempt to take such glorious moments.

Nothing is more disappointing than having to go for a post wedding photo-shoot because the images came out blur. The art of focusing a camera at the right person at the right time is one that needs mastering and not just random snaps. Many people who over look the need for a good photographer suffer the consequence of having to go for a second photo-shoot. Do not forget you cannot live the same moments twice. The adrenalin from the initial day cannot be expressed in a post wedding photo-shoot. A bad photographer may produce blurred images and not matter how hard they try to make it up, whether a refund or second shooting, nothing will ever buy that lost moment.

Bad photographers often concentrate on issues that should not really be majored upon. You find a photographer shooting pictures of the crowd cheering as the bride walks down the aisle. Instead of concentrating on the photo of the moment, in this case the bride, they major the minor. The crowd continues cheering even after the bride finally stands across the groom, they are more chances to capture moments such as the cheering crowd than they are of capturing the bride being walked down the isle.

Though rare, some photographers are so bad they either lose pictures, run out of space or tell you of accidents that eventually result in not having them provide the required service on the wedding day. Probably, 1 out of 10 of bad wedding photographers forget to save, fail to take enough pictures or encounter problems with their cameras leading to compromise. All this at the risk of the bride and the groom.

One of the major things that should be avoided is a bad photographer on a wedding day if the day is to be lived by generations to come. Good wedding photos are valued more than jewels and precious stones, as such, wedding planners should account for good photographers in their wedding plan.

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