Save Time and Money with a Change of Address Service

If you are thinking that the ongoing ordeal of shifting, dealing with manipulative real estate brokers and then finally settling into your newly purchased home is the end of your problems, then think again. Getting accustomed to a new household and neighborhood can be slightly daunting. On top of that having your important bank documents or even favorite magazines delivered to your old address can be rather frustrating; especially if it is far from your new residence.

This is where a change of address service by can be a lifesaver. There are two methods of availing the service in the United States.

Change of Address Service at Your Local Post Office

You could visit the post office in your current neighborhood and request them for a Mover’s Guide pack. It contains a form that must be filled notifying the change of address.

You will have wait for five days for a confirmation letter.

Benefits of Postal Service

– As of any change of address service, postal service can help save time and energy. It helps cut down the painstaking process of visiting each utility service provider, bank and workplace to update your address.
– The process takes five days hence one may be considered for the possible mail they might receive at their old address. Though the letters are usually returned to the post office, hence they shall get to you after a slight delay.
– This service is specially targeted for people who prefer not to use their credit cards through the online service. The Mover’s Guide pack can be easily bought at any postal office.

Change of Address Online Service

Things cannot be easier than this. If you are unable to schedule a visit to your local post office due to a busy schedule, or if you are visiting an entirely new country for a long time, you should ideally avail the online service.

This service is available on It is an official and authentic website. You will only be required to fill the online form with your biodata, old and new address. A formal charge of $1 is to be paid to ensure that there is no identity theft. This transaction is to be carried out through a credit card.

Benefits of Online Service

– One cannot emphasize enough about how the online service has made things simpler. It is fast since a confirmation email is sent to you as soon as you send the filled out form and the fee.
– It is an easy method that can be carried out with only a few clicks.
– It is highly cost-effective and might be considered entirely free since the fee is merely a formality.
– The procedure takes hardly five minutes and can be accessed with a working internet connection from anywhere in the US.

With the above-mentioned services, people can easily complete time-consuming, arduous tasks of updating their house address within days or even minutes. With ingenious customer care services like these, one must be grateful for the time we are living in. Still, beware about scams; some websites charge up to $40 for this service; hence only visit, which is the easiest solution to your new address.

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