The Best FPGA Board Brands To Consider

Field programmable gate Arrays (FPGA) is a digital circuit or an integrated device designed to serve specified functionalities. To find out more about the specified functionalities read  The board comes with new features such as analog interfaces and added memory to solve the computing problems effectively. FPGA boards can be used for both mobile visual data processing and data processing centers.

Why FPGA boards?

In the recent years, the FPGA technology has continued to gain momentum where the worldwide market has been recording convincing entries. What’s the primary advantage of using FPGA boards over the competing systems? Flexibility is a crucial factor when it comes to solving computing problems.

FPGA boards are widely used across many fields of specialization. The boards offer customers and the end-users flexibility and power efficiency. With the recent developments, the boards can now be used even in areas where an integrated circuit (ASIC) were the only option.

Before you select your favorite FPGA board brand, consider the critical factors such as;

•Development environment


•Power efficiency



Best FPGA board brands to consider

1.Parallella board

Parallella board is an integrated circuit that comes with FPGA and ARM co-processors. This board is fully enabled for parallel processing and includes ports such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. If your daily need provides security priorities, select FPGA boards with on-chip decryption. This board is currently selling at $150.

2.Altera DE1 board

Altera DE1 is both an education and a development board that offers end-users with advanced features such as prototyping in the media industry. Other advanced features include networking and high storage capacity. Altera DE1 board is highly recommended for both University and college students as it uses CAD and hardware tools to expose users to an extended range of topics. Altera DE1 board sells for $67.

3.Numato Lab Elbert V2

Numato Lab Elbert V2 is the perfect choice for advanced learners, engineers, and beginners. This board is designed towards targeting high-speed information capture. Numato Lab Elbert V2 has everything you need and is selling at $35 only.

4.Diligent Nexys 3

Looking for an FPGA board with customizing peripherals? Diligent Nexys 3 is the FPGA to go for. With this board, you can enjoy exploring peripherals like Audio, VGA, SD, and Ethernet. Easily control the music playing on your priceless speakers using this board that is selling at $270.

5. Cyclone V GX

Cyclone V GX FPGA board assures you of both power efficiency and flexibility. With this board, you can easily enjoy using high-level applications such as motor control drives, video and audio converter, and protocol bridging. This board is integrated with hardware such as USB blaster, audio capabilities, and Arduino header. The board is currently selling at $179.

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) is an integrated device that allows beginners, engineers, and professionals to create compelling digital circuits. All you have to do is create a bit file (configuration file) for your FPGA. The opportunity you’ve been waiting is finally here. Enjoy a high level of flexibility and efficiency by selecting your favorite FPGA board brand.

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