The DWI Guide

To start off a DWI is illegal in every state and it is treated as a criminal crime that you could be charged with. After being incarcerated you will have the option to bond out depending on the circumstances of your arrest. If this is your first DWI than once you attend your first appearance “usually by the nest business day” you will then be given three choices by the judge which are (guilty, not guilty, and no contest). A plea of no contestĀ just means that you are saying that you are guilty but you do not admit the guilt. Now this is the time to think and to reconsider your alternatives before you choose which of these three decisions that you will make since you have been arrested and committed a crime of driving under the influence of being intoxicated. We highly recommend that you get an attorney fromĀ Law Office of Timothy R. Brown to help you navigate the legal system.


By admitting a guilty plea, you as the defendant are just admitting that you are guilty and will accept punishment at that time. A no contest plea is a plea that you are giving up your rights and a decision from the judge will be made on spot. More than likely you will be given probation and will have to attend AA or alcoholics anonymous meetings for a specific time or even ongoing. In these two circumstances you can also lose your drivers license which is first rated as a “safe driver”. Now you will have to pay fees to reinstate your license and you will be given an R-22 rating usually set around the five year mark making it extremely hard to find insurance companies that will accept you as a new client. A DWI will also drive your insurance rate sky high due to the court system reports these types of incidents A.S.A.P.

Now if you decide on a “not guilty” plea then you will receive a later court date to appear at. This will give you the time to either let a public defendant defend you. If you can not afford an attorney than this would be the way to go but being said public defendants usually don’t have the experience as a seasoned lawyer will have. You will also have the right to defend your self as well but be very cautious about this route. If you do not have enough legal know how than you should seek a lawyer. A seasoned lawyer or one that specializes in DWI’s will be able to save you money and time of regret. Expect to pay for a seasoned lawyer though due to they don’t come cheap but you can shop around until you find a lawyer that is within your budget.

By having a lawyer to defend your case it is possible to have your case cleared or the case can be lowered down to a lesser charge with fewer penalties. If arrested always make sure that you are read your Miranda Rights while being arrested and that it is in your best intentions to seek legal advise by an attorney.

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