Tips on beard growth

Beard is a matter of pride for men. A fully grown beard is symbol of an alpha male. According to physcologists men with beard are considered to be more strong and aggressive than a clean shaven person. It is also proven that women like men with beard to be more attractive and sexy in comparision to those who have ungrown or no beard. It also makes a man more confident and well grown beard makes him stand out of crowd.

However it’s never been an easy task to get and maintain a fully grown and an attractive beard which is appealing to others. One must follow some simple steps for that which are listed below, click here for the full list.


These are some tips one should follow to grow and maintain attractive beard.

Shave regularly until you have uniform grown hair all over your face.

Keep you face clean. Wash your face twice a day with a mild cleanser. This keeps dust and excess oil away and keeps the skin pores open.

Exfoliate your face twice a week. Exfoliating face removes dead skin cells and open up clogged pores. It influences beard growth in a possitive way.

Increase protein intake. Hair is made up of protein, so in order to grow beard fast we should increase our daily protein intake. We should include food items dense in protein like fish, lean meat, eggs, chicken, beef and other high protein content food. One can also include protein supplements in his diet for an overall increase in daily intake of protein.

Raise your testosterone level. Testosterone is also a factor for beard growth. High testosterone increases hair growth. If you have low levels of testosterone try to boost it up by exercising regularly. Do some exercise on regular basis, some simple strength training and cardio helps.

Increase your Vitamin D intake either by sitting in sun or by taking supplements. Also increase your Vitamin B5, B3 and 89 intake.

Try using a Beard oil. Beard oils are great partner for your beard. They are very helpful in beard growth. Choose a beard oil which suits you. There are number of options you to choose from.

Eucalyptus oil is great choice for increasing overall growth of beard. Apply a few drops on face and massage for about 2 minutes everyday or alternately. If you dont have eucalyptus oil try using coconut or rosemary oil. Use warm water when cleansing your face. It relax your skin.

Keep your body and face hydrated. Always use a moisturizer after cleansing your face. Drinking atleast 2 litres of water perday, it keeps you hydrated from inside and remove toxic substances which decrease the growth of beard.

Trim your beard at regular intervals. Trimming stimulates the growth of facial hair.

Last but not the least. Be patient and calm as it will not happen overnight. You may need to wait for month or two to have a very well grown and appealing beard.


  • Beard also have a number of benifits and advantages not only physcologically but also scientifically.
  • Having a beard blocks ninty percent of the sun’s harmfull UV rays.
  • Densly grown facial hair prevents throat infections and also help in asthma by trapping any dust or pollen
  • It helps prevent acne by reducing bacterial growth.
  • It help in keeping the face moisturized.
  • It prevents skin tanning.

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