What is a floating shelf

Reading was always my way to escape from this world to another one, more magical, more mysterious, and more creative, even if it was for just a moment. So as a new mom I wanted to teach my little toddler the beauty of reading from a very young age. In a very boring and basic conversation between a married couple, I told my husband that I want to fix some floating shelves in the baby’s room to put some little stories in there for our night reading, and imagine my surprise when he replied ” what is a floating shelf? “.

Have you seen before a shelf “floating” on a wall? Meaning you didn’t notice any fixing brackets…yes?… Well that is a floating shelf. Mostly people use it to display their book collections, some put glasses vases with gorgeous flours, on it and in my work we built one for the expensive coffee machine our manager bought, so useful. So Why lock up your books in sad cabinets when you can integrate them in an original way with a window desk to your interior decor? With these floating shelves, your books look just as magical as the world they portray!

Indeed, thanks to these shelves, your books seem to float on the wall. It’s actually an “L” square made of steel and coated with white paint or any other color that keeps your books in place. Slip the cover of the first book onto the board and attach it with the small clip. And then you can Stack up to 9 pounds or 6 kg to create a trendy and unique decor. You will be able to proudly display your cookbooks, travel books or novels and will always have your favorite book and a topic of conversation at hand. I already know which books will sit on these beautiful shelves in my house, and you?

I am even going to post some Instagram pictures in my IG account to show off my modern interior décor with these floating shelves, they are so trendy and handy, you can fix one in your bathroom for some extra make up storage, or in your living room to display some minimalist high end décor, or the family picture you took during that last barbecue. But before let me tell you some mistakes to avoid while using your floating shelves:

First know that each shelf is different. Depending on its weight and the composition of your walls, you will have to choose the proper fixation. A well-secured shelf is a shelf that can support a minimum of weight without damaging the wall.

Secondly Do Not Overload Wall
Shelves, wall shelves are less solid than conventional shelves. It is therefore imperative not to overload them., When buying your wall shelves, make sure you know the maximum weight supported by the installation. So you will not damage your walls.

One of the major advantages of a wall shelf is that it can be placed where it is impossible to have a piece of furniture. Yet a wall shelf cannot be placed anywhere! So the third point is, make sure it does not block the opening of any door or window. And of course you have to clean them and wipe the dirt off regularly since they are on display, and lastly it’s a piece of décor so be creative with it.

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