Why women need mascara

There`s an old proverb that says “Eyes are the mirror of the soul” and if you are like 99% of world you probably don’t like a simple mirror with out having fancy borders around it. I always wonder why eyelashes are known as a symbol of femininity may be because they make eyes look large and beautiful. If you remember from child hood to now big eye lashes in cartoons always belongs to female characters. Many many poets, signers, writers and artists always seems to be obsessed with big and beautiful eye lashes. No matter what are facts or scientific reasons behind this but beauty for a women starts with her eyes and to make this beauty magnificent is the answer of why women need mascara from https://www.whichbeautyproducts.com/mascara/.

History of mascara dated back to ancient Egypt time records from around 4000 BC specify a substance known as “kohl” that was used by ancient Egypt women to darken their eye lashes. So this proof making eyes beautiful with darken the eye lashes is not a new trend. It was always essential from history women needed mascara.

A cosmetics giant conducted a survey about 10,000 women participated around three continents the results were established that the mascara is the most important make up for nearly all ages of women, with darken eyelashes women feel more confident and attractive.
But still it can be answered in detailed why women need mascara. Couple of weeks back while having a talk with friend about her purse I asked her what are three cosmetic products you don’t leave your home with out and she replied Lipstick, moisturizer and mascara, lipstick and moisturizer were things I could agree on because these two items are needed again and again but mascara was a bit surprise for me so I asked what u needed mascara for and she replied simply mascara can make a difference to whole face, while having a conversation with any one for confident look one should make a eye contact and mascara can you give a confidence to take on the world.

It was a bit surprising for me but more I put my mind on mind more it make sense after that conversation I started to notice me my self taking more serious women having a mascara applied on their eyes, Its give them a look what ever its needed on situation no wonder why women need mascara its give them a plenty of space to create drama from just a dark eyelashes. Mascara has the ability to take a women look from average to wow under no time .Women love to make their eyes noticeable and mascara gives them power to do that. Mascara gives them power to express their feeling effortlessly as make up is an art to express and what can be more powerful expression coming from an eye. Wearing mascara is like making a statement to other people that how you want to be treat and as I said before what can be more powerful expression coming from an eye.

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